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Exercise: General Benefits

• Exercise is a benefit to everyone whether you are young, old or in the middle. When you exercise, you tend to sleep better. It changes the way you look and feel in a great way.
A good benefit is to have that personal trainer by your side
to make sure you are exercising with proper form, knowing which exercises will benefit the client, to monitor progression, giving that extra push that “we all need”, especially when we are not feeling our best.

• Exercise helps Improves core and back strength and
muscle mass, and helps reduce the risk of heart disease. Exercise lowers the risk of developing diabetes

• You exercise to maintain muscle strength, add tone and endurance, especially when you combine aerobic exercise and weight lifting together. A personal trainer will ensure that you get the maximum benefit by doing both.

• Exercise can help prevent osteoporosis, and help prevent high blood pressure, especially with diet and losing those extra pounds.
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• Exercise can be effective in treating moderate depression, test show that exercise has an effect on decreasing anger, and fatigue.

• Exercise gives you more energy; it also raises the metabolic rate, which helps keep the fat off. As we age body fat increases, if we don’t exercise and change our diet, most often fat tend to shift to our mid section, and if you are female it often shifts to our problem areas like our stomach, hips, thighs and the back of our arms (triceps area). So, now its time to take control of your life and call the Bodylicious Fitness team for your fitness needs because we listen, and take care of the wants and needs of the client.

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